Holly Holm: Cyborg’s a Tougher Fight Than Rousey, Here’s Why

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Holly Holm

Cyborg’s a Tougher Fight Than Rousey

… Here’s Why

12/29/2017 12:25 AM PST


Holly Holm shocked the world when she slept Ronda Rousey back at UFC 193 … but Holly says Cris Cyborg — not Rousey — is 100% “the biggest challenge” of her career.

Scary thing is … she’s probably right.

“I’m going up in weight and taking on not just a heavier opponent in a bigger weight class, but also a very dominant one,” Holm told the guys on “TMZ Live.”

She ain’t kidding — Cyborg hasn’t lost in over a decade, and KO’d almost every chick brave enough to step into the cage with her. 

But Holly ain’t backin’ down — “That doesn’t mean that she’s invincible — she’s still human-ish.”

Bonus: Since she’s moving up for the Dec. 30 scrap, we had to ask Holm if she’s cool to get her grub on over the holiday weekend.

Short answer — hell no!

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