‘Hollyweed’ New Year’s Eve Prank Unlikely, LAPD Ramping Things Up

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‘Hollyweed’ NYE Prank

Won’t Happen Again

… If Cops Have Their Way

12/31/2017 12:50 AM PST


'Hollyweed' New Year's Eve Prank Unlikely, LAPD Ramping
Things Up 1Don’t count on the Hollywood sign reading ‘Hollyweed’ come New Year’s Day like it did last year, ’cause the area’s gonna be crawling with cops … TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us security is getting ramped up big time around the Hollywood sign on New Year’s Eve to avoid another prank — like the one Zach Fernandez pulled earlier this year. 

'Hollyweed' New Year's Eve Prank Unlikely, LAPD Ramping
Things Up 2We’re told there will be extra officers assigned to patrolling the sign on Dec. 31, with more frequent police drive-bys up the hill as well as occasional helicopter fly-bys.

Sources say the LAPD’s Hollywood division will have all hands on deck on NYE, and some of those officers will be tasked with monitoring surveillance cameras around the sign itself.

Fun fact: Recreational marijuana is gonna be legal in CA come Jan. 1, 2018 … just sayin’. 

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