Lana Del Rey’s Intimate Studio Clip Reveals How Her Voice Can Do That

Lana Del Rey’s Intimate Studio Clip Reveals How Her Voice
Can Do That 1

A cool thing about listening to Lana Del Rey for an extended period of time is that after a while, you might feel a hypnotic, trance-like quality. Part of that is the gauzy production on a lot of her songs, especially those on her latest album, Lust for Life, and part comes right from Lana’s throat — her foggy, forlorn, beautiful vocals.

Few songs find Lana’s voice as distant as “Beautiful People Beautiful Problems,” the Stevie Nicks collaboration that was foretold by a prophecy under a gigantic white moon under the Hollywood sign, or something. And thanks to a behind-the-scenes clip Lana posted to Instagram on Wednesday (December 27), we know how she made her vocals sound that way.

“I stacked up my [six] chorus vocals through thin white paper to give it a muted quality,” Lana wrote in the video’s caption. “I like to play with distance and buffers around the mic for every song depending on what the mood is.”

This clip is just one of many in the treasure trove that is her Instagram page, as Lana’s recently taken to sharing videos that offer a peek behind the curtain about how her songs get made. There’s an extended behind-the-scenes look at recording her song “Change” as well as a clip of her “setting up and getting tea” on “Day 244 of making the album.”

You can check the rest out over on Instagram. Below, Lana talks to MTV News and previews what’s to come with her next video, which she’s co-directing with her sister.

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