Monica Raymund Reveals Whether or Not She’d Return to ‘Chicago Fire’

Monica Raymund Reveals Whether or Not She’d Return to ‘Chicago Fire’ 1

Monica Raymund Gabriela Dawson on ‘Chicago Fire.’ Elizabeth Morris/NBC
Will Dawson return to Chicago? It’s definitely a possibility. Chicago Fire creator Derek Haas recently told NewsPlop that he’s keeping the door open for Monica Raymund to return to the show, should she decide to. Now, it sounds like she’s keeping that door open, too.

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“I really do miss my cast and my crew. It’s a pleasure and an honor working with those people. I really love it. The storytelling of first responders in America what they do every day to protect people like you and me, it’s a pretty incredible honor to tell that story,” Raymund told in a new interview.
Raymund, 32, exited the series after season 6, which was the end of her contract. However, Gabby Dawson returned briefly in the season 7 premiere – after Haas “begged” her – telling her husband Matt (Jesse Spencer) she was moving to Puerto Rico for good.
Monica Raymund plays a director on ‘Law & Order: Special Vitims Unit.’ Virgina Sherwood/NBC
After departing, Raymund joined NBC’s Female Forward Directors Initiative and directed the Thursday, November 8, episode of Law & Order: SVU. However, that doesn’t mean she’s completely counting out the possibility of going back.

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“Honestly, I don’t know,” the Arbitrage alum admitted. “If I just can’t bear it and must go back to the show, I know the door remains open and I’m grateful for that. I’m trying to figure out what I’m gonna do tomorrow so I have no idea whether or not I’m going to return to the show. That is up for debate but I am very humbled that the door remains open.”
Haas recently told Us that he was “shocked” when Raymund told him she was leaving, and a bit “in denial,” which meant he wrote the season 6 finale with hopes she’d change her mind. “I was thrown off. I probably didn’t do the best job of writing the ending story line. In my head, she was still gonna come back,” he told Us in August.

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After she returned for the premiere, he admitted he’s hoping she’ll come back again someday and added that the team would be happy to move things around if she did.
Chicago Fire airs on NBC Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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