Rob Lowe, James Van Der Beek and More Celebrities React to College Admissions Scam

Rob Lowe, James Van Der Beek and More Celebrities React to College Admissions Scam 1

Celebrities are speaking out about the nationwide college admissions scam that actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin were allegedly involved in.
“Very proud of my honest, hardworking sons,” Rob Lowe tweeted on Tuesday, March 12, alongside a throwback photo that his 24-year-old son, John, shared upon graduating from Stanford University in June 2018. John wrote in the original post, “Still proud of this accomplishment. Happy for everyone out there who earned their accomplishments…and really sad for those who were never allowed the opportunity.”

Celebs Fight Back on Social Media

James Van Der Beek also weighed in on the scheme by poking fun at its name, Operation Varsity Blues. “If only there was a succinct turn of phrase these kids could have used to inform their parents they were not desirous of their life path…” the 42-year-old actor, who starred in 1999’s Varsity Blues, tweeted. 
Rob Lowe and James Van Der Beek Jeff Spicer/Getty Images; Jerod Harris/Getty Images
The racketeering conspiracy made headlines on Tuesday, March 12, after charges were brought against coaches at schools including Stanford, USC, Yale, Georgetown and others. Test administrators also came under fire for fabricating test results. 

Stars at Court

Huffman, 56, was accused of making “a purported charitable contribution of $15,000 … to participate in the college entrance cheating scheme” to secure her 18-year-old daughter Sofia’s spot at an elite university, according to documents obtained by ABC News. She shares Sofia and daughter Georgia, 16, with husband William H. Macy, who was spotted arriving at court for Huffman’s hearing on Tuesday.
Th documents also claim Loughlin, 54, and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, allegedly “agreed to pay bribes totaling $500,000 in exchange for having their two daughters designated as recruits to the USC crew tam — despite the fact that they did not participate in crew — thereby facilitating their admission to USC.”
Huffman and Giannulli were arrested on Tuesday, and a warrant has been issued for Loughlin’s arrest. 
Bethenny Frankel spoke out about the Fuller House star’s alleged actions to obtain admission for her daughters, Bella, 20, and Olivia, 19, into USC. “But wait, how do the kids not know they got in on a crew scholarship? If you ask your kid to stand in front of a crew boat, aren’t they curious? I’m just confused all around,” the Real Housewives of New York City star tweeted on Tuesday. “These kids know. If a kid isn’t smart enough to know their leg isn’t broken or they don’t take crew or that it’s not their bar mitzvah that day, they should be applying to bubblegum University. Rich parents further protecting the kids. Ok I’ll stop… maybe.”

Celebrity Mugshots

Lena Dunham added: “All the people involved in this college scam should have gathered their money and started a small elite college where Lori Loughlin teaches a class on smiling. My parents didn’t care enough about college to scam but they’d definitely buy me a boyfriend who is willing to sit with me at the ER.”
Grace and Frankie actor Ethan Embry also addressed the scandal, tweeting on Tuesday, “BREAKING NEWS: Rich people suck. Can we move on now?”
Huffman, Loughlin and Giannulli were ordered to appear in federal court in Los Angeles on Tuesday. 
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Harvard: Sorry Mr & Mrs Oswalt your son is at best a C+ student
My dad: (snaps fingers)
Fleegle from The Banana Splits enters, carrying a briefcase of $20 bills
— Patton Oswalt (@pattonoswalt) March 12, 2019

Don’t even joke. It is such a disservice to their children. So much entitlement. Teaches that u don’t have to work hard. It’s disgusting. Esp to those that work their asses off in school and do community service and care about getting a good education. Morality! Integrity!
— Meredith Salenger (@MeredthSalenger) March 12, 2019

#AuntBecky going to jail on Rico charges…. 🤦🏾‍♀️
— Loni Love (@LoniLove) March 12, 2019


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