Camila Cabello Says Somebody’s Been ‘Changing My Plans’ Amid Shawn Mendes Dating Rumors And Fans Are Convinced She’s Talking About Him!

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The rumors that Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes are dating have been at an all-time high ever since their PDA-filled collab music video for Senorita was dropped!

Therefore, is anyone even surprised any cryptic thing they say is perceived as a message of love for the other? That being said, when Camila took to her Twitter to write an ambiguous post, fans immediately assumed it was about the other singer!

‘I think you’re gonna change my plans,’ she simply tweeted and just left it at that.

But, soon enough, the comments and retweets started to take over and a lot of them were from fans freaking out that she was addressing Shawn.

However, there were also many fans who pointed out that it was just a lyric from Claudia’s song FINNEAS.

At the same time, however, that is not to say Camila was no using the line to still refer to her own real-life romance.

Things really seem to be heating up between the two stars and fans can’t get enough of it, all the while they continue to insist that they are nothing but best of friends.

But judging by all the different signs, it truly feels like Camila and Shawn, who have known one another for years, are turning more than just platonic these days.

After all, they were caught on camera locking lips while out and about in San Francisco last weekend!

Furthermore they were also on what seemed to be a date on July 3 and, ever since then, they seem inseparable!

Where one of the stars is seen by the paparazzi, the other just has to always be there as well!

That being said, Camila has been at a number of Shawn’s concerts ever since, they got cozy at a party on Independence Day and packed some more PDA following a brunch date as well!

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